10 Tier Shoe Rack


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10 Tier Shoe Rack Like everyone else, you probably use different footwear both outside and inside the house. And if that’s the same for everyone in the family, the footwear collection at your home must be unimaginable. If you find yourself scrambling around to find the right shoe or slippers that you need among the pile, or if you’ve tripped on shoes laying around the house countless times, it may be time to get an Amazing Shoe Rack and start organizing your footwear. With the Amazing Shoe Rack, you can organize and store up to 30 pairs of shoes while occupying only a small amount of space in your den. It stacks up against your shoes conveniently so you can easily see the pair you want–dressing up will be faster and less stressful. Plus, this shoe rack saves you valuable closet space and can even be placed in your bedroom or hallway.  Portable and easy to assemble, the Amazing Shoe Rack is a definite must-have for all shoe lovers. Grab this nifty space management tool, say goodbye to a messy room, and enjoy great satisfaction once you see your precious shoe collection all nicely lined up.  Features: 10 tiers Holds up to 30 pairs of shoes Lightweight and portable Easy Assembly Dimensions: Overall: 55.25″ H x 21.9″ W x 10″  ## Available in White color only

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